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Emtek Hardware

Emtek is a distinguished brand renowned for its premium and customizable door hardware solutions. Specializing in decorative and high-quality products, Emtek offers an extensive range of door knobs, handles, locks, and accessories to elevate the aesthetics of residential and commercial spaces. Emtek Door Hardware is well-regarded for its attention to craftsmanship, allowing customers to personalize their choices with various finishes, styles, and materials. The brand combines both form and function, providing innovative and durable solutions for discerning homeowners, architects, and designers. Emtek’s commitment to excellence in design and construction has established it as a go-to choice for those seeking unique and refined door hardware options. For the latest product offerings and details, please click on catalogue link below or visit www.emtek.com.

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Emtek Brass_Passage_Octagon_Knob_Square_Rosette_Unlacquered_Brass_5110OCTUS3NL
Octagon Knob with Square Rosette in Unlacquered Brass Finish
emtek hardware
1-12" x 3" Stretto Oval with Myles Lever in Satin Brass Finish
Emtek Cover_Thumbturn_Install_Shots_Interior_RGB_IG
Cover Thumbturn Privacy with Square-Rectangular Double Rosettes with Indicator and T-Bar Knurled Lever with Square Rosette in Flat Black and Satin Brass Finish
Emtek Multipoint Entry Lock in Flat Black Finish
Emtek EM_Touch_Entry_US26_OS_new
EMTouch Electronic Keypad Entry Set
Emtek FB_IN_1080x1080_v2
Conical Terrazzo Knob with Flat Black Finish and Square Rosette
Customizable Emtek Select Door and Cabinet Pulls
Emtek KB_13_Diamond_2_MB - Copy
Diamond Knob with Watford Rosette in Flat Black
Emtek KB_39_Providence_Rect_PVD
Providence Knob with Rectangular Rosette Unlacquered Brass
Emtek KB_45_Square_Disk_US26
Square Knob with Disk Rosette in Polished Chrome
Emtek KB_53_Round_Bronze_6_MB
Round knob with Square Rosette in Oil Rubbed Bronze
Emtek KB_59_MDC_Rect_US10B
Modern Disc Glass Knob with Flat Black Modern Rectangular Rosette
Emtek LV_Round_Knob_Modern_Rec_US4
Round Knob with Modern Rectangular Rosette in Satin Brass
Emtek Select_Straight-Knurled_Key_in_Lockset_Install_1_RGB
Straight Knurled Keyed Lever with Modern Rectangular Rosette in Polished Chrome Finish
Exterior View of Modern Single-Keyed 9" Sideplate Entry with T-Bar White Marble Lever in Satin Brass Finish
Modern 9" Sideplate in Flat Black Finish with L-Square Knurled Lever in Satin Brass Finish
Thumbturn Privacy Bolt in Flat Black and Satin Brass with Square-Rectangular Double Rosettes and Verve Knob with Square Rosette
emtek hardware
Emtek Select Levers Mix and Match Style and Finish for Handles, Stems, and Rosettes
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